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Finding the right business and IT courses in Kelowna BC can be difficult, and at Focus College, we understand that. Hundreds of individuals ages 18 to 65 have studied under Focus College. With diverse backgrounds, cultures, and learning styles we have grown with our students. Our philosophy is one of educational comfort. Everyone learns better in a comfortable and upbeat environment. Being positive and using diverse teaching methods encourages participation, facilitates learning, and reduces reservations in intelligent risk-taking. Let us help you enhance your future.

At Focus College we will fulfill our mission by providing a safe and comfortable learning environment. Our courses always have the most relevant and up-to-date content, taught by industry experts to ensure our students have the best experience possible. Our success comes from our student’s individual uniqueness, by understanding that people have different learning styles we are able to adapt and teach accordingly. By removing any barriers our students may face and by conducting ourselves with the highest level of integrity and honesty at all times we are able to create a learning environment where all can thrive.


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