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Our Mission

Focus College provides outstanding education in an ideal and supportive learning environment. By delivering locally and globally recognized qualifications, access to worldwide university pathways, and relevant job market skills, we assist our students in attaining their goals.

Our Story

In 1992 Focus Training Institute was born. This institute offered the Okanagan community programs that would teach various life and professional skills. Focus Training Institute helped many members of the community perfect their skills, launch their careers and even change their career paths.

Twenty years later, in 2012, we saw a problem and an opportunity: students were signing up to higher education programs and their experience was falling very short of their expectations.

In response we evolved from a training institute to a college, change our name to Focus College, and began designing and offering college level programs in Business and Information Technology (IT), that were in tune with industry’s needs.

Today, Focus College is still bringing its vision to life with hard work, its connections within the community, and partnering with the SQA, an internationally recognized higher education accreditation.

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SQA Approved


PTA – Private Training Act

The Private Training Act is administered by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education. This certification is mandatory for most private institutes offering training within the province of British Columbia. It ensures that students are protected by maintaining various standards and guidelines. Private institutes can either be just certified, or meet higher criteria to become designated. Focus College is a Designated School.

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EQA – Education Quality Assurance

The Education Quality Assurance designation is available to public and private institutions in British Columbia that meet or exceed quality assurance standards set by the province of British Columbia.

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SQA – Scottish Qualifications Authority

The Scottish Qualifications Authority is an renowned international higher education accreditation which allows authorized institutions to offer their programs. SQA criteria is demanding and rigorously checked. The programs follow international standards and students graduating from them can transfer seamlessly to partner institutions around the world to carry on studying. It ensures a truly global level of standardized quality education.

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Download the Student Handbook

The Focus College Student Handbook will help you orient to the Focus community. There is a wealth of valuable information in it, from who to talk to through to college policies. We encourage every student to read it.