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Cooking Up Jobs Cook It Up! - Focus College

Our Cooking Up Jobs students are winding up their work placements and getting ready to head into their new careers.

Before they headed off to start their work placements, they invited staff, students and instructors of Focus College plus their family members to a memorable and delicious luncheon held at Canadian Italian Club.

On the menu: potato and leek soup with fresh bread rolls; Caesar salad; lasagne; pumpkin tarts.

Everything was made from scratch and was truly restaurant worthy. By the time we got to dessert we were all already happily full with the beautiful flavours and textures they had served up. But then came the piece de resistance … The pumpkin tarts were presented exquisitely and were so flaky and smooth that we were almost left wishing we could just stay there and carry on enjoying them all afternoon.

The meal was part of the formal assessment process and everyone received a not-to-be-doubted-and-very-much-well-deserved grade A. These students will go far.

Thank you for the delicious meal and for the time we could spend with you here at Focus College. Thank you too, “Chef Jeff” (Jefferson Strebel) for guiding them through the intricacies of the nearly 100 items they discovered with you and for bringing out the absolute best in them all.

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