3 ways to Pick the Right Courses in College!

What are some things you need to plan for before starting college?

To set yourself up for student success in the upcoming year one of the first things you will need to do is pick your classes. When choosing your classes, there are several things you should consider.

  • Are you a morning person?
  • Do you do better in the afternoon?
  • Do you want your classes back to back or scattered?

1. Choose the right amount of workload.

When you go to make your schedule, try not to overload yourself. Choosing 15 credit hours is perfect, but no less than 12.  Anything over 15 may be overwhelming. You do not want an overwhelming schedule in your freshman year.  When looking at how much study time you will need in order to manage your time – plan on adding an two hours of study to every hour you’re in class. In other words, if you go with 15 credits you are looking at least 30 hours a week in study time. This is why it is important to plan your classes based on your schedule.

2. Select a fun relaxer elective class.

When looking into classes, select one class that applies to your degree and is simple, fun and easy.  You do not want every single class to be challenging.  Chose based on the requirements needed to graduate. A course that will peek your interest, and relax you would be a perfect balance.

3. Pick your professor wisely.

When choosing a professor for those core classes, make sure to select them wisely.  Look to see what other students have said about them. Many colleges today have it posted online what past students have said about their professor. Do your research. Try to pick a professor that you will feel comfortable with and one that will challenge you intellectually. Many times, you will find that a professor will teach more than one class.  If you like that professor you may want to take another class with them; if it lines up with your degree.

Here’s a quick summary of tips to follow when selecting your college classes:

  • Think about the time of the class (will it work for you)
  • Balance (you need to make sure you can make it to each class and not pressure yourself. Make sure it works for you – not everyone is the same.)
  • Pick a professor that works for you (do you feel they are best for you) sometimes you may not have a choice because there is only the one teaching that class
  • Take at least one elective course that will relax you

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