6 Reasons to Attend College in Kelowna

6 Reasons to Attend College in Kelowna

Have you been thinking of attending college in Kelowna? Haven’t made up your mind yet? Let us tell you about our favourite 6 reasons why you should consider joining us here for post secondary education in the heart of Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

The name alone has a wonderful and exotic ring to it. Kelowna – pronounced Ka-Low-Na.

The City of Kelowna is home to 2 universities and several local, national, and international colleges.

The Okanagan is also home to 633 tech companies, being known in tech circles as the Silicon Valley of the north. Kelowna is an excellent place for graduates to start their new careers in Computer Programming and IT.

With great education and employment opportunities here in this fast growing Business, Technology and Travel Tourism Hub, there are way more than 6 reasons to attend college in Kelowna. These are just some of our favourites!

#1 | The Weather

Kelowna gets about 2000 hours of sun every year, and only 345 mm of rain. It has warm, dry summers and mild, snowy winters.

#2 | The Beaches

 The city is within 60 minutes of 20 stunning lakes with over 2900 sq km of beaches.

#3 | Winter Activities

The city is also within 60 minutes of 2 world class ski resorts: Silver Star and Big White. Big White was voted #1 in Canada for best family resort, best grooming, and best snow.

#4 | Wine Country

You are within a stone’s throw of 120 wineries (the Okanagan was named Huffington Post’s #1 wine destination) and 15 craft breweries, not to mention the growing number of cideries and other spirit makers who use the abundance of fresh fruit to make their brews.

#5 | The Outdoors 

With so many lakes and mountains, sport features high on the list of reasons to come to Kelowna. Enjoy lots of water sports, beach volleyball and cycling during the long summer months (there are 300 km of on-street bike lanes and 40 km of multi-use paths in the city); skiing and other winter sports, including the city’s free outdoor skating rink on the shores of the lake during the winter; or hiking on any of the 100s of km of trails or golf at one of the 19 golf courses in the region pretty much any time of the year.

#6 | Community 

As the 3rd largest urban centre in British Columbia (population approaching 200 000) with Canada’s 10th busiest airport, the city offers lots of top class culture and dining while still keeping its friendly smaller town flair.

#7 | Bonus Reason!

A chance to catch a glimpse of the infamous Ogopogo! The Ogopogo is Lake Okanagan’s legendary mythical monster, it is considered by many to be the possible cousin to The Loch Ness Monster!