Benefits of Studying a Short Certificate Course at Focus College

Beginning a new program of study can be a big commitment. Not just financially, but in terms of time and energy. Sometimes, no matter how much preparation and research you do, you may still be unsure you are making the right decision when signing up for a one-year program, or longer.

That’s why Focus College offers a variety of short courses for our students.

These courses provide career-focused training as an Accounting Assistant, Office Manager, or Bylaw Enforcement Officer from 1 to 12 weeks.

These courses are delivered by our experienced instructors in small groups and offer a wide range of benefits. Here are just a few of the reasons why enrolling in a short certificate course at Focus College could be right for you.

Get Work-Ready Quickly

Sometimes we just need to find employment quickly. Short courses allow you to quickly gain training that will not only increase your employability and help you command a higher rate than would be otherwise possible but will get you work-ready in the minimal time possible.

Earn While You Learn

 After studying a short course, you will have a better idea if you wish to gain further qualifications in that area. Not only that, you will also be well placed to begin working and saving towards the cost of your next course of study or get promoted to a higher paying position.

Test the Waters

Taking a short certificate course affords you an opportunity to learn more about an industry you are considering working in. On course completion, you may even begin working in that area before deciding whether to make a bigger investment of time and money in further training.

Affordable in terms of both time and money, it is even possible to train in several different areas before choosing your true calling.

Expand Your Network

Studying a short course at Focus College gives you an opportunity to meet with like-minded people who are considering a career in the same area as you. This not only gives you the chance to make new friends, but also connect with others who may be able to point you in the direction of future opportunities.

Learn Transferable Skills

Undertaking a short certificate course at Focus College not only provides you with practical, job-focused learning, but also provides you with skills and knowledge that can have implications far beyond the limits of a single occupation.

Commit to Your Future Progress

Short courses allow you to build your skills strategically and show potential employers you take your future seriously. This dedication to personal improvement can improve your future promotion prospects.

If you wish to find out more about how a short certificate course at Focus College can help you, contact one of our helpful Admissions Representatives for some friendly assistance.


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