BC’s Tech Industry is Booming

BC’s Tech Industry needs resources

The British Columbia Tech Industry is booming. There are hundreds of start-ups and large businesses making BC their home.  But did you know that the tech industry growth causes resource demand?  

BC Provincial Government Five-year Plan

In January 2016, the BC Provincial government created a five-year plan to improve the province’s tech sector through the following areas:

  1. Capital: by improving access to capital and continuing to support the province’s competitive tax system and research environment.
  2. Talent: by increasing the talent of technology workers in British Columbia from the ground up in local schools.
  3. Markets: by making it easier for smaller tech companies to navigate the markets to ensure they are developing products in the correct markets.

Even though the original B.C. tech strategy plan was developed under a different provincial leadership group,  Premiere John Horgan said that the B.C. tech strategy was on track.  He felt we still were not doing enough to keep British Columbia ahead of the competition within the tech sector. Horgan promised to invest $100 million to “expand technology-related post-secondary programs and invest in information and communications, digital media and entertainment, life sciences and health, clean-tech, IT,  engineering and more.” As well as building technology and innovation centres in key areas of B.C.’s economy. It’s clear that even with a change in leadership that technology will always be at the forefront of British Columbia’s economy.

How do I get the skills needed for entering the tech sector?

In today’s world, anyone who has a background with some technology knowledge has an advantage over someone who doesn’t. In the coming years programming and tech skills will be even more desirable. Get involved, take classes, and continue to learn everything you can. 

“Everyone should learn how to program a computer… It teaches you how to think” – Steve Jobs

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