Canada is the top place as a study destination

According to a new report out in the ICEF Monitor, Canada is becoming a more and more popular destination for students wanting to study abroad. In fact, in 2017, Canada is the top place as a study destination for international students.

And why not? Canada has a lot going for it, and a lot going for international students.

Canada’s diversity means that a student will never be alone – they can always find a fellow country person nearby. One in five people in Canada were not born in Canada, that is the highest proportion of immigrant population among G8 countries. And the government invests millions of dollars every year to help newcomers and guide them along the path to permanent resident status.

Canada’s education ranks right up with the best. Degrees and other qualifications earned here are internationally respected. We rank in the top 10 world wide (7th place, to be exact). What is more, students are encouraged to think outside the box, to explore, to take responsibility for their own learning and development. This helps them grow as a person too. Canada also spends more on education than any other industrialized country.

Language is also a minor worry for international students. Not only do we have 2 official languages (English and French), but nearly 20% of the population speaks at least one other language other than English or French. In total, 196 languages are spoken in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Tagalog, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, and German are the most common “other” language spoken.

The quality of life and safety of the country are hard to beat. The crime rate in Canada is so low that the OECD Better Life Index 2014 ranked Canada 9.7 out of 10 for safety. We have the 2nd highest standard of living in the G-20, as measured by GDP per capita. We have an excellent health care system, and a stable and strong economy and banking system. People enjoy life here and make sure they make time and space to live life to the full.

It is also a big country. A big country with a small population. Most people live in a few major cities, which means that we have a lot of stunning nature and natural resources. It is impossible to describe. Pictures may say more than a thousand words too, but it really needs to be seen to be understood and appreciated.

Canada may be a young country and not able to match the old world in matters of history and artifacts, but that does not stop it from having a vibrant and thriving cultural scene. Where ever you go, whenever you go, there is bound to be a high quality festival, event, show or exhibition on. We have a lot of home grown, world famous talent here.

These are only a few reasons why Canada’s popularity is growing so fast.