Careers in Demand in BC’s Industries

Careers in demand

The Business and Computer Science industries in British Columbia is currently undergoing growth in various job sectors.  The Work BC Labor Market completed a report of the careers in demand needed to be filled by 2028 within British Columbia. The occupations listed:

      • Financial Auditors & Accountants: 10, 800
      • Information Systems Analysts & Consultants: 8,700
      • Computer Programmers & Interactive Media Developers: 8,000
      • Other Financial Officers: 6,600
      • Software Engineers & Designers: 4,800
      • Business Management Consulting: 4,800
      • Professional Occupations in Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations: 3,400
      • Marketing Researchers & Consultants: 3,300
      • Web Designers & Developers: 8,000
      • Human Resource Professionals: 3,100
      • Electrical & Electronics Engineer: 3,900

Interested in a career in demand?

At Focus College there are plenty of career paths in business or computer science that you can choose from. Our programs are designed so that you can either graduate with a certificate, diploma or have the option to further your studies at one of our partner post-secondary university institutions.  No matter what option you choose, you will be fully qualified to jump into the workforce and put your education to use.

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All information was taken from Work BC’s website which can be viewed here


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