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ESL Pre-Intermediate Level 2 (Evenings) | Focus College

ESL Pre-Intermediate Level 2 (Evenings)

The ESL Pre-Intermediate Level 2 course is for students with some previous English knowledge who want to improve their communication skills for their professional and every day life.

Students will learn essential grammar and vocabulary and improve their listening, understanding, speaking, reading and writing skills in English.

The course is a continuation of Pre-Intermediate Level 1.

Students who want to start at Pre-Intermediate Level 2 will have to do a Focus College language assessment test before joining the course.

Course Outcomes

Students will be able to express themselves and communicate successfully in every day and professional situations.

They will be able to write short emails and other correspondence. They will also be introduced to job application skills.

The final mark is made up of homework, class participation, and test at the end of the course.

Students need an overall mark of 70% or better to progress to the next course.

Minimum age 18.

Successful completion of Pre-Intermediate 1 or placement with the Focus College language placement test.

12 weeks, 2 times 2 hours a week, evenings (48 hours)

Plus homework

Minimum 80% class attendance is required.

Complete all homework and tests.

Final score of 70% or better.

Spring 2018