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Introduction to Computers and Microsoft


The introduction to computers using Windows OS course introduces students to the basics of the Windows 8 Operating System and basic computer functions.

Students will learn to:

  • identify elements of a personal computer
  • getting Help with Windows 8
  • explore Windows 8:  desktop, new start page, sidebar, apps and charms
  • manage User Accounts: types, control, creation, managing, disabling/deleting
  • manage Your Network: connecting, settings, sharing, managing connections
  • navigate Windows and Folders: understanding files, folders and libraries, finding your way around your computer, connecting to network resources
  • manage Folders and Files: creating, renaming, moving, copying, deleting
  • connect to the Web: Internet Explorer, displaying Web Sites
  • work with Web Pages and Sites: subscribing to Web feeds, finding, saving and returning to Web Sites, sending Web pages and links
  • manage Internet Explorer: Personalizing, blocking pop-up windows, restricting objectionable content,
  • change Visual Elements: applying and modifying themes (desktop background, window colour, sounds), implementing a screen saver
  • change System Settings: modifying the start menu & task bar, date and time
  • set Up Hardware Devices: printers, mouse, sound devices, keyboards
  • Students must purchase Step-by-Step Windows
  • Students must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must demonstrate to Instructor that concepts are understood
  • Must obtain 70% or higher on reviews and quizzes

This course is based on continuous intake and students are able to start as soon as they are ready.

For more information please call 250-861-5808 or email info@focuscollege.com

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