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Diploma Programs | College Courses | ESL Classes

Advanced Diploma Programs

At Focus College our advanced diploma programs are designed to give students real world training crucial to success. Our diploma programs are the best in Canada, created and taught by industry experts, guaranteed to get you to your goals and give you the knowledge you need to thrive in today’s business environment.

Office Administration and Accounting | Certificate Programs

Office Manager, Office Administration, Accounting Assistant, Bookkeeper, Payroll Clerk, and Accounts Receivable Clerk, are just some of the many rewarding and well paying careers you can move into with our certificate programs. At Focus College you get the advantage of smaller class sizes and focused training, moving you into a career faster and with the skills employers are looking for.

Bylaw Courses

Bylaw enforcement is a crucial role in society today. With our training, you can become a bylaw enforcement officer and help maintain the peace no just in Kelowna. Our training involves real world experience that lets you experience the court systems and the laws that are enforced by them.

English as a Second Language

English is one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn, and we understand that. Students can start will little to no knowledge of the English language and can advance to complete literacy and advanced or communications. These courses were created with the full understanding that English is not an easy language to learn, so that we could offer courses that help students shorten the learning curve and learn another language.

Computer Basics Courses

Technology is advancing every day with new innovations and faster systems. Because of this, it is important to understand the basics of computers, computer programs and computer applications. We offer basic keyboarding courses that will allow you to increase your typing speed and accuracy as well as Microsoft training that will help boost your resume and take your next step towards a long career. Our computer basic courses are designed with the student in mind and allow you, the student, to learn these large systems in a short period of time.