Why Should International Students Study in Canada

If you are an international student considering studying abroad there are likely a lot of concerns on your mind:

  • Will I fit into the culture?
  • Is the school welcoming to international students, both staff and students?
  • Will I be getting a quality education that I can use in Canada, or my home country?

It may not be the answer for all schools, but at Focus College the answer is a resounding yes to all three questions. Canada’s culture is diverse and in the cities where our campuses are located (Kelowna and Surrey, British Columbia), you are sure to find something to remind you of home while still mixing in with the cultural melting pot that helps makes Canada great. At Focus College, new international students are made to feel welcomed before they even arrive, you can always download a copy of our international student guide which gives you an idea of what to expect in terms of culture as well as getting situated to help calm your nerves! After you arrive, our friendly staff and welcoming students will always be available to help you get situated in your new home.

And without a doubt Focus College will be able to provide you with a quality education that can be recognized across the world. Our 2+2 programs (currently we offer 2+2 programs in Business Management or Software Development) allow a student to take two years of school at Focus College before transferring to any of our progression partners to earn your degree (check out our previous blog post to see what schools you can progress onto). Even our programs that are outside our 2+2 programs are still globally recognized, whether it’s our Business, Information Technology Advanced Security Specialist, or ESL programs.

So why should international students study in Canada? Why not?