What jobs can you get with a Business Management program?

Our 2+2 program allows a student to take 2 years of school at Focus College in order to earn their diploma before transferring to any of our progression partners around the world where a student can earn their degree. But what jobs can you get with a Business Management diploma or degree? There are plenty of options!

The HND Business Management program has a strong managerial focus, which enables students to progress more quickly to supervisory/management roles. In addition, HND students will be able to prepare for a career (or further studies) in a number of specialist areas, for example, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Financial Services.

Some of the potential positions you can get are:

  • Administrative Officer
  • Manufacturing Distribution Manager
  • Administration Supervisor
  • Office Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Personal Assistant
  • Banking Advisor
  • Planning Officer
  • Business Development Assistant
  • Purchasing Officer
  • Business Manager
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Customer Service Coordinator
  • Team Leader
  • Finance Assistant
  • Trainee Manager

There are a variety of careers which you can choose to pursue, it just depends on what your interests are and what direction you want your life to head. You shouldn’t be limited by thinking these positions are the only ones available to you either; you are only limited if you believe you are!

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