The Okanagan Tech Industry is Booming

Facts about the tech industry.

In 2007 Disney Interactive purchased a local start up (Club Penguin) for $350 million which caused the world to take notice. Since then, the region has become a tech hub with over 693 tech companies operating out of Kelowna including Bartel Entertainment, Bananatag, Dollar Bid Club, and many more calling Kelowna home. Incubators such as Accelerate Okanagan and the newly constructed Innovation Centre in the heart of Kelowna’s downtown have helped to build the industry within the region. (Accelerate Okanagan Report)

Did you know …

There are 12,474 employed tech workers in the valley totaling more than all the employed workers for the entire BC wine industry.

Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission states the tech industry has an economic impact on the region of $1.67 billion, which is right up there with tourism.

The No. 1 issue continues to be recruitment.  There are plenty of available positions but not enough qualified individuals to fill them.

The tech sector is exploding, and the Okanagan is the fastest growing hubs in BC with a 15% yearly growth.

Looking for a new career.

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For more information on the Okanagan Tech Sector, please refer to the Accelerate Okanagan Economic Impact of the Okanagan Tech Sector or visit the following articles: Trade and InvestCentral Okanagan Economic Development Commission or the British Columbia Innovation Council’s (BCIC) website 

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