Short Certificate Programs
at Focus College

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You don’t always have to spend many months or years in school to get where you want to be. Check out Focus College’s short certificate programs

Get Working Quickly & Build a Career with the Short Certificate Courses at Focus College

We provide employment-focused career training that can be completed in 1 to 12 weeks*. If your looking for a program delivered by experienced instructors, with small class sizes and a lot of one-to-one attention, you’ve come to the right place. At Focus College, our short certificate programs can get you set up to build a career in Office Administration or Bylaw Enforcement in a matter of weeks.

To learn more, click on the program below that you’re most interested in.

  • Accounting Assistant

    Want to jump into the Accounting world without committing to a few years of studying to be an Accountant? In this 3-month program, you'll be prepared to get working as an Accounting Assistant. This way, you can start earning quickly and decide if you want to study more later. Learn more.

  • Office Manager

    Looking for just the skills that can get you an Administrative Assistant or Office Manager job in a relatively short amount of time? If you're already personable, like helping people, and can multitask, this program will get you the skills to jump into those careers. Learn more.

  • Bylaw Enforcement Officer 1

    People who believe in enforcing the law and keeping the peace can complete this program in only 40 hours, 1 week of full-time study, and be prepared to enter a career as a Bylaw Enforcement Officer. You can easily be earning well over $20/hour in this position. Learn more.

  • Bylaw Enforcement Officer 2

    Upgrade the skills you acquired in Bylaw Enforcement 1 and improve your opportunities to advance in your Bylaw Enforcement Officer career. It's only 1 more week of training. Learn more.

Is Employment-Focused Training Right for You? Get More Info…

If you’re interested in exploring whether Focus College’s training programs and career opportunities in Office Administration, Accounting, or Bylaw Enforcement are right for you, fill out the form on this page and we’ll get you some more information.

A helpful Focus College Admissions Representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Whether its about advice on determining the right career path or even discussing financial aid options that are available to you, give us a call.

*Program lengths when completed in normal time.