College Survival Guide

Starting a new college can feel overwhelming and every student wants to be successful. Survival in college doesn’t always come easy as there are so many new distractions of new-found freedom. New people, more time on your hands. But remember why you are in college.  It may seem like a lot of fun to stay out all night and skip classes and no one will yell at you for staying out or even skipping a class.  But stay focused and keep your eye on the prize, because you will only get out of it, what you put into it.

Success starts with a Dream. 

Picture your dream. To be able to visually see what you want to become can guide you through school. It shows you who you can be. As you go through school you will see your dreams getting closer and closer. Remember that your schooling is a true gift.  And if you continue to work hard that gift will grow bigger.

Determine what interests you.

When you are determining what program to take, think about where your interests lie. If you can study something you love. Select a program that will challenge you.  Don’t stress about changing your program if you’re not happy in what you’re studying. Better to do it now than be stuck in a career that you don’t like.

Take your education seriously.

How do you start making your dreams come true once you’re in school? By paying attention to your teachers, keeping regular attendance in class and getting involved. Attend each class, complete your assignments, group projects and study hard for your exams. Later on, you may want to ask your teacher for a recommendation letter.  Teachers support students who take their education seriously.  They also recommend them for scholarships and help with networking. Be that student.

Take advantage of your school’s resources.

Most colleges offer study groups, tutoring, writing centers, computer labs, math labs, libraries and career centers – all at no cost to you. Take advantage of your free resources. You can also join study groups. Studies have shown that successful students study an average of 20 hours a week, so whether alone, with groups or both make sure to get in your study.

Here are a few other tips to set you up for success in college:

  • Get a tutor if you are struggling
  • Don’t forget to take notes and do your assignments
  • Go to every class
  • Talk to your professors (this is why they have office hours)
  • Join clubs (a great way to meet new friends)
  • Make a calendar (you need to be organized for success)
  • Time management is important (use your calendar and schedule everything)

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