Ten Ways you can Succeed in College

Focus College wants all students to be successful, that’s why in this blog post we’re giving you 10 of the best ways you can succeed in College and get the most out of your post-secondary experience:

  1. Go to Class – The most obvious answer, you can not succeed if you do not go to class! Be present and be present
  2. Take Notes – Always listen to your professors and have a notebook open. Your teachers want you to succeed, they are not against you and will teach you things
  3. Eat Healthy – Lots of water, lot of fresh fruits and vegetables
  4. Pursue your Interests – College is the time to expand and explore your interests
  5. Make a budget and stick to it – If you have never lived on your own before, it can be easy to spend money on things that you don’t need. Save your money for bigger purchases that you really want. Consider that even purchasing a $2 drink a few times a week can total up to hundreds of dollars over the course of a school year.
  6. Learn as much as possible. Absorb all knowledge you can. If English is not your first language try to learn a new English word each day!
  7. Use an Agenda – Stay organized and keep track of all your assignments. You don’t want to miss anything important!
  8. Sleep – How much sleep do you think you need? 8 Hours? More? Less? You should be trying to get as much sleep as possible
  9. Make time for yourself – Balance is key. There is going to be a lot happening between class, schoolwork, friends, your job, etc. But it is important you make time for yourself whether through exercise, sleep, or other hobbies.
  10. Set Goals – What do you really want to achieve in your College experience? How are you going to achieve these? You should always be striving to improve and better yourself

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