Top 5 Reasons to Study Information Technology

All students studying at Focus College benefit from our small class sizes, experienced instructors, and lots of one-on-one attention to help them reach their academic and career-oriented goals.

But, why study IT in particular? Well, there are countless reasons to make IT your number #1 choice at Focus. Let’s take a look at just 5 reasons to study Information Technology at Focus College.

  1. Course Flexibility

 All of us have a variety of responsibilities to juggle in our daily lives. It isn’t always easy to weave the extra commitment of education into the already crowded mix of family, work, and social engagements.

Our IT programs offer students a number of pathways flexible enough to adapt to most needs. With our short
1-year Advanced Certificate and 2-year Advanced Diploma programs, you’ll find a program to get you work-ready in the time you have available.

The pace at which you complete our courses is flexible. Many of the class schedules allow you to work while studying.  You will still be able to make money while attending school.

  1. Employment Focused

All our programs are practically driven, tooling you up quickly to get to work in the ever-growing IT industry.

Whether you choose to study on our Advanced Diploma in Computing: Software Development program, the Advanced Certificate in Computing: Software Development program, or the Information Technology: Advanced Security Specialist program, you will be well equipped to confidently pursue a career in the computing and IT field.

  1. Career Prospects – The future’s so bright…

We live in a fast-changing world. And although it is impossible to accurately predict the future face of the world of work, one thing is for sure; IT is going to play a HUGE role in it.

Possessing highly valued skills and qualifications in IT will help ensure your success in this rapidly growing industry. Whether you want to work as a network engineer, a software developer, or a security administrator, the future looks very bright indeed!

  1. Flexible Working Style

Not only has technology dramatically changed the nature of the work we do, but it has changed the style in which we do it.

Working in IT very often offers opportunities for working in a non-traditional manner. You may find yourself availing of the opportunity to work in an office where collaboration, open-office concepts and ping-pong tables are the norm. If working from home appeals to you, the IT field provides lots of opportunities for that. Or you may get your degree in a different country and decide to stay, live and work there.

Gone are the days when being tied to a desk from 9 to 5 was the only option. And this is particularly true for those working in IT. There’s no end to the different options that fit your life-style.

5. University Pathway Opportunities

Did you know that Focus College has partnerships with over 75 university located locally and globally? Study one or two years with Focus College and then transfer your credits to universities located in Canada, the US, The UK, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia or New Zealand! Experience other cultures while traveling and pursuing further education and, in some countries, pursue the opportunity to stay and work!

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