Why Choose a Career-Focused Program at Focus College?

Traditional wisdom would have it that the next logical step after completing high school is to choose a profession, study a relevant 4-year degree at university, land a job in that profession, and stay in that job until retirement.

Not a bad plan. Or, at least it was.

Times have changed dramatically. Today, there are more reasons than ever to choose the college route to study shorter, more employment-focused programs, before jumping into the job market or advancing your academics in university.

Let’s look at a few of these reasons.

Get More Bang for Your Buck.

For many, the traditional 4-year university degree is prohibitively expensive.

Not only that, if you decide after year one or two, that university is not for you, you may end up with no credentials at all for your hard work. No one wants to be called a university drop-out.

Going to college is less expensive and you will receive a credential after only year one or two upon successful completion of your program.  There are also no fluffy courses. You dive right into the subject matter relating to your program of study.

Leave Your Options Open

Signing up for college first doesn’t mean ruling out that 4-year degree.

As Focus College is the only Scottish Qualification Authority accredited institution in Canada, our students have the option of continuing their studies to degree level at one of our 75+ partner universities worldwide.

Credits earned on our courses are transferable, both within Focus College and to our wide range of partner institutions. Whether you want to get go right to work after receiving your certificate or diploma or transfer to university to get your degree, Focus College offers something for everyone.

Learn Specific, Relevant Skills

All our programs at Focus College are career-oriented. Each program is geared to help you accumulate specific, practical skills that will make you attractive to potential employers, giving you an edge in the marketplace.

Our shorter programs focus on the specific skills needed to contribute in your chosen industry.

Delivered by experienced and knowledgeable instructors, each course is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the program teaches you relevant skills and knowledge.  We ensure you are employment ready.

At Focus College our leading-edge programs, smaller class sizes, and very supportive staff will help you reach your educational and career goals faster.

To find out which globally-recognized, career-focused program is right for you, contact one of our helpful Admissions Representatives today.


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